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Sun Angel Tanning

Our Sun Angel is the only sunbed in the world with an integrated skin sensor representing sensor-safe sunbathing, proven Vitamin-D formation and leaves you with beautiful tanning results.  

You'll achieve total relaxation by getting to tan for all 20 minutes, regardless of your skin type! 

We have amazing news to share!  This pricing plan allows for you to use the Affinity 800 Hybrid, Matrix Glammy, or Sun Angel tanning systems! Feel Free to mix and match to find your happy place! 




3 Sessions For $84

Session packages are shareable.  1 year expiration date.  This package is also usable with

our Matrix Glammy or Affinity 800 Hybrid beds.


31 Day Access Pass, $149

Enjoy Sun Angel tanning for 31 consecutive days.  This package is also usable in our Matrix or Affinity 800 Hybrid beds. This package is non-shareable.


1 Year Eft Membership, $129 Per Month

Enjoy Sun Angel tanning on our auto-billed monthly membership plan. This package is also usable in our Matrix or Affinity beds. 1Year commitment, non-shareable. 

Early termination fee, $99

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