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Welcome In~

We're so happy you're here! 

Have you ever noticed that most webpages only contain pictures or graphics that came from the manufacturer?  Well, we did, and we know why....... It's because what you see ISN'T always what you get!   ....We believe you should be able to see "the real deal", and that's why we invite you to take a sneak peak inside our salon!  We've worked hard to bring Yakima the best of the best, and we're not afraid to "glow" it..... 

Come On In! Let us show you around...

Our goal is to create a space that makes you feel welcomed and appreciated, while providing you with excellent customer service and the results that you deserve! 

Vitality, Total Light Therapy


You can use Vitality TLT with or without UV exposure, making it the perfect solution for you and your skins needs!

Sun Angel Tanning System

Our Sun Angel utilizes skin sensing technology, allowing you to go max time without over exposure. 

This is the only sunbed in the world with an integrated skin sensor representing sensor-safe sunbathing, proven Vitamin-D formation and leaves you with beautiful tanning results.

Matrix Glammy

Our Matrix Glammy is one of the strongest and most unique tanning beds available! 1 session is equivalent to 5-7 times of tanning in a regular bed and has NO BURNING RAYS—This type of tan is ideal for those who are looking for dark, long-lasting color in less time.

Affinity 800 with Hybrid Technology

Our Affinity 800 with Hybrid Technology is engineered with REDSUN Hybrid tanning lamps, offering the combination of Red Light therapy and UV tanning in the same lamp. This allows for all the benefits of enhanced skin care results, without the loss of tanning performance.

SunRise 480 

Let’s go vertical! Our Sunrise 480 is the perfect choice for those on the go! With a maximum tan time of only 9 minutes, you’ll get the perfect results in much less time--- We love our Sunrise 480 because it gives you even, head to toe color without awkward tan lines.

Passion Series 

Kick your heals up and get the results you deserve in comfort and class!  Our Ergoline Passion series offers a beautiful tan in 15 minutes or less. Facial tanners can be turned on or off during the session!

Flair Series

Ergoline’s name itself is known for high quality tanning equipment, and our Flair beds are no exception!  Although there are no specialty face lights, it offers higher wattage lamps making it more powerful when compared to other types of 20-minute beds.  These are an excellent choice to get you started on that base tan!

VersaSpa Pro

Our VersaSpa Pro booth mimics that of a custom designed air brush spray tan—It has 94 different options!!  We love it, and you will too!


HydroMassage Lounge uses a therapeutic technique by way of heated water and pressurized jets to help soothe sore muscles, aches and pains. 

HydroMassage gives you the benefits of massage, without the inconveniences of getting undressed.  You'll be feeling relaxed and refreshed in just 15 minutes! 

Cryo+ Recovery Lounge 

Our CryoLounge+ lets you customize your treatment by offering targeted HEAT and COLD therapy without the hassle of ice baths or gas operated chambers.  You’ll remain fully clothed during your treatment, making CryoLounge+ easy to add to your daily health regime.  It also gently squeezes your calf muscles providing a relaxing experience while stimulating blood flow.