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SunRise 480 Stand-Up Tanning

Let’s go vertical! Our Sunrise 480 is the perfect choice for those on the go! With a maximum tan time of only 9 minutes, you’ll get the perfect results in much less time--- We love our Sunrise 480 because it gives you even, head to toe color with-out ‘awkward’ tan lines.

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40 Minutes, $65

Minutes are shareable.  1 year expiration date.  This package allows for upgrades into our Sun Angel, Matrix Glammy, 

Affinity 800 and Vitality

tanning beds. 


31 Day Access Pass, $109

Enjoy SunRise 480 tanning for 31 consecutive days.  This package is also upgradable to our Sun Angel ,Matrix Glammy, Affinity and Vitality beds. This package is non-shareable.


1 Year Eft Membership, $89 Per Month

Enjoy SunRise 480 on our auto-billed monthly membership plan. This package is also upgradable to our Sun Angel, Matrix, Affinity and Vitality tanning beds. 1 Year commitment, non-shareable.  Early termination fee, $99

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