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Vitality Total Light Therapy

Vitality TLT is so much more than just a machine that alters the color of your skin, it’s the world’s first combination of LED facial systems, full-body phototherapy treatments, and customizable tanning options— all in one device!

Blue Light technology provides an energizing experience helping you fight fatigue and other skin disorders, while Red Light technology enhances the stimulation of collagen production.




3 Sessions For $114

Session packages are shareable.  1 year expiration date.


31 Day Access Pass, $199

Enjoy Vitality Total Light Therapy for 31 consecutive days.  This package is non-shareable.


1 Year Eft Membership, $179 Per Month

Enjoy Vitality on our auto-billed monthly membership plan.  1 Year commitment, non-shareable.  Early termination fee, $99

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