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Cryo+ Lounge

Introducing Yakima’s only CryoLounge+ Pain Management/Relaxation System!

Surprisingly enough, Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is not a modern invention – in fact, the practice has been around for decades.  Cryotherapy is a process that dates back to the 19th century, utilizing local applications of cool/cold temperatures for pain management and other health related benefits. 

Possible Benefits of Therapeutic Cryotherapy:

1.) May Boost Muscle Recovery After Exercise   2.) May Improve Sleep   3.) May Improve Chronic Pain   4.) May Aid Weight Loss   5.) May Help Reduce Anxiety and Depression   6.) May Reduce Joint Inflammation




1 (15-Min.) Session $15      

Reduce pain and inflammation in 15 minutes or less on our

Cryo+ Lounge!  Customize your treatment by targeted HEAT and COLD therapies without the hassle of ice baths or gas operated chambers. 


31 Day Access Pass, $25

Reduce pain and inflammation 

 daily with our 31 consecutive day access pass!   This package is non-shareable.


1 Year Eft Membership, $20 Per Month

Ready to take your wellness to a whole new level?  Join us on our membership plan!  1 Year commitment, non-shareable.  Early termination fee, $99

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