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VersaSpa Pro

First, opt in for the Prep Spray, which will automatically balance your pH levels for a deeper, darker, more even tan. You’ll see color faster, with visible development in as little as 2 hours—perfect for the person who has little time to spare and wants to see results!

Next, choose from either our Rapid Clear solution for the fastest development, or our Catalina solution-- the perfect choice for an instant “walk-out and go” bronze!

  • The Rapid Clear solution allows the same great tan with the convenience of showering in 3 hours! Perfect for busy tanners who want to shower before bed or before going out! Made with premium spa ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Ginger Root, and Green Tea extracts.


  • Our Ultra Pro Catalina bronzing solution delivers a cool brown shade with violet undertones for a deep, island tan.  Ideal for those looking to rock a gorgeous tan without the wait! (Please wait 4-6 hours before exercising, showering, swimming, etc. to allow full development)


Last but not least, finish your spray tan experience with our VersaSpa Pro Skin Care Moisturizer.

It provides immediate hydration for the skin, locks-in and deepens color.  And if you have ever experienced dry skin after a spray tan, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for!!

VersaSpa Pro booth mimics that of a custom designed air brush spray tan—It has 94 different options!  Utilizing its height sensing technology, we can tell it spray just your legs, or just your face, or apply a 2nd layer on your legs/facial are for the extra ‘pop’ of color!  It offers Light, Medium, Dark and Double Dark color options to satisfy every desire of spray tanners.




1 Sessions for $40

1 year expiration date.  $40 Includes Prep Spray and moisturizer, along with your choice of Light, Medium, or Dark Solutions. Any additional options are available for only $5 more!  The $5 upgrade must be paid at the time of service, including the 31 Day Access or EFT Plan.


31 Day Access Pass, $119

Strut your stuff for all month long with this spray tan package!  Limited to 5 sprays within 31 consecutive days.  This package is non-shareable.


1 Year Eft Membership, $99 Per Month

Enjoy that glow on our auto-billed monthly membership plan.  1 Year commitment, limited to 5 sprays per month, non-shareable.  Early termination fee, $99.

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